Whether you'd like to put me to work on a pet portrait, wish to follow my creative journey, or are just here to view the pretty pictures, Welcome!
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My Grandkid Series

I love to work in series - painting the same theme for a period of time. I find that I improve during the process of such a project, and I love how same sized paintings of the same theme look hanging together.

The Grandkid wall at my house took a year to complete. Some are in oil and some in acrylic. Since I live several states away from all of my Grandchildren, I painted from favorite photos and it was really nice to spend a week or so thinking about each of them as I worked on their portrait. This was so enjoyable that I'll look forward to updating their portraits as I find photos that move me and as they grow.

I'd prefer they'd just take their time with the growing thing, though. 


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