Whether you'd like to put me to work on a pet portrait, wish to follow my creative journey, or are just here to check out the pretty pictures, Welcome!
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Free Adorable Puppy Wallpaper!

You can download this adorable puppy wallpaper for your mobile phone when you join my Creative Community email list. 

In these emails I share art tips, mini tutorials, mobile wallpaper, insight on the cause that is super important to me and the occasional "heads up" on upcoming promotions on my work. If you love pets, I promise my newsletters will give you regular infusions of furry cuteness.

I've always enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow artists and learned so much from them! That's why I'm so excited to share my creative community. I believe it's such a benefit and I know how much joy and learning artistic sharing has added to my own practice.

I'm convinced we will enjoy our creative journeys much more together! 

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