I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work inspired by the Sonoran Desert. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can meld the impressions of my surroundings with the expressions of my inner world.

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I Started Journaling Today


I started journaling today. I didn’t commit to a resolution or institute rules. Being a rebel, I tend to see how quickly I can break those rules, tell the world to leave me be and ultimately disappoint myself with my own misbehavior. But today I started journaling and here’s why:

Two weeks ago, for at least the 10th time, I started morning artists page journaling as recommended by the author of The Artists Way, Julia Cameron. Although I only managed to do them three days in a row, I’d easily filled page after page with free-flowing ideas for projects. I didn’t think much of them at the time, but I remembered one of those ideas yesterday and I looked back my artist pages to find any detail I’d written surrounding it.

The sheer volume of ideas, full of interesting detail astounded me. An important insight deepened the way I saw my role as an artist. I’d just left all that on the page and moved on, not thinking any more of most of them. It made me wonder how often I have wonderful ideas, only to forget them soon after.

So today, in the interest of paying attention, being respectful to my creative muse, and involving myself in more personal creative development, I started journaling.

If you started journaling, what might you learn about yourself, your source of creativity, your role in the world? What ideas might you capture that will move you forward?

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