I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can express the ideas that make up my inner world.

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Affirmations from Dad

I have a tendency to hold onto things. After my Dad's death, I kept his rolodex with no real idea of why, except that it contained those little cards with his big loopy handwriting - "Julie's new mobile #", and "Shels new address:" 

Recently I came across an instagram post from a fellow artist on instagram, jjlassberg that showed her rolodex filled with affirmations. It hit me instantly that that was exactly the proper use of my Dads old rolodex. Not only could I keep his handwriting, I could fill the blank cards with artist affirmations, quotes, positive thoughts - kind of from Dad, to me! To me, it makes such a perfect circle - a synchronocity of the highest level. Dad continues to encourage me. 

Thanks Dad. I miss you.

P.S.: I've found that playing cards make the best substrates for my little rolodex art cards. They're sturdy and can hold up to no end of collage and paint!

Here's a short little video that shows some of my favorite creative affirmations:

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