I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can express the ideas that make up my inner world.

receive my studio notes:

Women's Work

 I've started painting a series of work that has been following me around, whispering in my ear for the past couple years. "Women's Work" has to do with the quiet courage of women and is inspired by the women around me.

"Cowgirl Up", is inspired by Trish, my sister-in-law and sister of my heart. She's just that authentic and capable - always at your elbow when needed. Everyone should have such a badass cowgirl riding shotgun for them!

Cowgirl Up, 24 x 18 x 1", acrylic

"Manifesting Life" was inspired by my step daughter, Tricia, who recently gave birth to twin boys and makes motherhood look so easy. I wanted to convey the sense of wonder in the creation of new little people. 
"Manifesting Life", 24 x 18 x 1", acrylic

Finally, "Take Me Away" was created for my sister, Michelle, who lives a hectic life and has been wishing to find her way to a consistent mindfulness and self-care routine. I hope this ethereal triptych will help her along that path.

"Take Me Away", 20 x 16"/  24 x 18"/  20 x 16", mixed media

I look forward to seeing what will tap me on the shoulder next!

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