I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work inspired by the Sonoran Desert. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can meld the impressions of my surroundings with the expressions of my inner world.

receive my studio notes:

Painting a Concept

My creative mind is a magpie - so easily distracted by every shiny new art technique, process, challenge it sees. The problem with this is when you jump around, you learn a small amount about lots of things and you don't see real progress in any one area. 

I've made a commitment to paint a group of paintings, a body of work in one type of media, using one subject and one concept. In other words, to dive deep into one idea and explore the various ways I can portray it in my art. This, my friends, is a true growth experience for me. 

And I have to give credit to David Limner and his partner, Jordan Blaquera's Create Anyway Collective program. A 12 week process to dive deep into how and why you create, making the effort to pay attention along the way and become aware of all the ways you sabotage and distract yourself from your stated purpose. 

I'm asking myself some hard questions, and I'm painting. I'm painting alot.

My new body of work will be pulled together by early December. I'll keep you posted.

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