I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work inspired by the Sonoran Desert. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can meld the impressions of my surroundings with the expressions of my inner world.

receive my studio notes:

Group Your Work

I'm always surprised, when taking photos of my work for exhibition submissions or such, how wonderful they look in a group. Even when they were painted separately, (not in a series), they just seem to go together - to be part of the same story. 
One of the more difficult tasks for an artist to achieve is the ability to objectively assess your own work. It's easy to get tunnel vision when working in the studio, so that you don't recognize or become blind to the characteristics of your work that makes it yours. I've come to find that photographing work as a group has shown me truths about my work that I just don't see when documenting them individually. 

It's interesting to see how my composition, color palette choices, brushwork and edges change as I grow as an artist or move into new directions. Seeing the patterns in the work is instructive.

If ever you feel confused or lost in your work, I really recommend grouping  it together for photo sessions. You'll see new patterns and clues to where you've been and where you're going. It could be really helpful to give you insights into your own creative journey.

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