I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work inspired by the Sonoran Desert. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can meld the impressions of my surroundings with the expressions of my inner world.

receive my studio notes:

Exploring Themes


One of the ways I use my sketchbook is to develop self awareness about what I'm seeking in my art. When I know what I want, I can map out a path to get there. When I'm not sure - I just fiddle around in the studio,  hoping to stumble across something that I'm happy with.

Sometimes, what I'm looking for changes - especially when I'm looking for themes to create from. Currently I'm seeking a sense of place in my work.

When I brainstorm about a theme, I want to explore all the aspects of why it's important to me. I try to nail down what interests me about it. The more I write, the more inspiration I have to pull from.

Here's the paint colors I used to match the seed pods you saw in my recent instagram post

I'm curious - do you keep a sketchbook/journal to flesh out themes or concepts you'd like to explore in your life or art?

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