I'm currently exploring mixed media abstract work inspired by the Sonoran Desert. I have a particular interest in expressionist or intuitive painting where I can meld the impressions of my surroundings with the expressions of my inner world.

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Introducing Studio Notes


Desert Dance, 48 x 60 x 1.5", acrylic, graphite and artist crayon
This painting won an honorable mention in Arizona Art Alliance's Heat is On Exhibition

One of my core creative purposes is to share, communicate and build connections with other creatives. Sharing requires that I think through what drives me and clarify the ideas for others before they're lost into my subconscious. I believe when creative ideas hit the air and other artists respond to them, a delicious soup of inspired energy comes about!

So to this purpose, I'm reviving my email studio notes. These are derived from the notes to self that I ponder in my sketchbook journal. I really recommend keeping a sketchbook/journal yourself. It's a place that contains your inner art vision. In fact, it's the place where you work out that vision. It exists as a work in progress, an ongoing conversation with yourself about art. I really believe it's your super-power to making better art.

Here are some of the things I collect in my sketchbook/journal and work through in the studio:

* color studies
* personal mark making
* self awareness insights
* themes/ concepts that interest me
* art assessment and analysis

I'll be sharing more about these in the coming weeks. I hope you'll find these studio notes thought provoking, and maybe even put your own two cents into the mix!

You can have my studio notes sent directly to your email from the home page of this website.

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