Whether you'd like to put me to work on a pet portrait, wish to follow my creative journey, or are just here to view the pretty pictures, Welcome!
You can easily commission a pet portraits from the website. View the price list above, under the HOW TO (commission a painting) tab, and send photos to


The best paintings of pets start with a great photograph!
Pets are so busy and easily distracted, it's often difficult to get them to sit still long enough to get a good photo. I often take dozens of shots to get one good result. Several short photo sessions are often more productive than one long one, and has the benefit of avoiding a whole lot of frustration for both of you!
Close up shots with solid eye contact make great portraits. To get them to look at you, try offering treats or a favorite toy.  Make sure to try shooting from different positions, (at their eye level, above them or below to get some interesting angles!) Don't be afraid to get close up.
Good lighting, in a well-lit room or outdoors is a must! Both of these photos of "Tyde" are excellent, but I decided on the second for his portrait because his expression was so friendly and fun. If you have more than one good photo to choose from, consider submitting them both so we can brainstorm which would be likely to give you the result you're looking for!


1. Focus on the eyes! Eye contact is so compelling, I most always prefer photos where the pet is looking into the camera and the eyes are in focus.

2. Try taking photos from your pets level rather than looking down on them.

3. Photograph your pet by a window for directional light that enhances the fur.

4. Offer treats to gain your pets attention.

5. Take LOTS of pictures to get a couple great ones!

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