Whether you'd like to put me to work on a pet portrait, wish to follow my creative journey, or are just here to view the pretty pictures, Welcome!
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Mid-Century Modern Mash ups

 Lately I've been combining streamlined mid-century modern abstract designs with mark making and layers. To me, the textured top layers and wandering marks just seem to bring out the best in these mod geometric shapes. 

The collage bits come from vintage books, which seem to belong with that mid-century modern vibe.

Poetry Playdate, Sept 2020

Dancing on the Patio, Sept 2020

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Art Auction Features


In September, I'll be participating in the CreativeConnections Fine Art Online Auction Fall 2020 Sept. 20-27.

The auction will include three very special to me framed abstracts that were created in a series inspired by a period of grief and transformation after becoming a young widow in 2000. Dreams that Linger, Will Send You Birds and Ask the Universe were all created with mixed media on 12" wood panels, are finished with a hand rubbed wax finish and framed in quality antique gold 3" frames.

Dreams that Linger
Dreams that Linger

Will Send You Birds

Ask the Universe

64 artists from Arizona as well as the United States including Texas, Washington State, New York, Florida, Colorado and New Jersey are participating. Fine art in all mediums, including paintings, glass, fiber, jewelry, mixed media and more will be available for purchase with free shipping offered to the contiguous 48 states.

Supporters will help the nonprofit, World Central Kitchen (WCK), feeding those in need due to COVID-19 hardships. Chef Jose' Andres' and his wife have activated hundreds of restaurants and kitchens to feed those in need during the pandemic, including medical professionals on the front lines and on the Navajo Nation. For more on World Central Kitchen, visit

Art patrons and collectors may view and register free beginning September 16th at

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Toward an Open Sky Now Showing

I feel so honored to have my painting, Toward an Open Sky selected by Artlink Phoenix and Portland on the Park for their most recent art exhibition.

Showing at Portland on the Park, downtown Phoenix through October 2020

Toward an Open Sky
24 x 30, mixed media on stretched canvas

Much as we struggle toward achievement and excellence within the framework  of our daily existence, rich saturated color builds from neutral, shadowy depths and reaches upward, straining toward a radiant, promising future.

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Adventures in Abstraction

There's something so satisfying in creating an abstraction. Whether I'm abstracting a scene, a figure or a still life or I'm creating a non objective abstract painting from my own imagining - putting together composition, design and detail is quite the intellectual exercise.

20 x 30" mixed media on paper

20 x 20" acrylic over collage on paper

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Painting my People

Being of a certain age, I find myself staying carefully at home, isolated from my extended family. I again find myself drawn to painting those dearest to me, as if I could keep them safe with my brush, my paints, my intentions.
Mixed media backgrounds add more depth and personality to the portrait. Choosing the paper, patterns or images for the background takes almost as much time as the painting itself. 
I enjoy having their beloved faces looking down from my studio shelves!
Keeping them safe with my own brand of magic spell - glue, a brush, paint and Mom's full attention.

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Finding my way through Composition

I don't think I've ever fully understood some things about composition. Like, how to guide the viewers eyes through a painting or how to reliably recognize an awkward design.

I've noted that I learn most by doing, so as part of my ongoing DIY art education, I've decided to devote a period of time daily to find my way through this confusing maze of information on composition.

I've found some wonderful resources to help me along the way.


Mastering Composition by Ian Roberts - introduced me to the basics of composition, along with the daily composition project.
The Simple Secret to Better Painting by Greg Albert - simplifies the overwhelming amount of rules within composition to one easy to understand concept.
Landscape Painting by Mitch Albala - Chapter 7 goes over composition as it applies to the landscape. Background, middle ground and foreground.

Online Learning:

VITAL Art Sessions with artist Kelli Folsom has helped me a great deal with still life composition, (and painting in general!) 


Viewfinder - helps me to isolate a view - especially with still life
Red Filter - helps me to see value without the confusion of color. I don't have this tool with the grid, but it's high on my wish list for plein air compositions


Daily Composition Practice - a composition sketch each day. I try to design my daily composition mindfully, writing notes on which rules of composition I'm utilizing in the design to help cement the learning.

I'm always on the lookout for good solid information on composition. If you have a recommendation, I'd love to hear it!
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