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Women's Work

 I've started painting a series of work that has been following me around, whispering in my ear for the past couple years. "Women's Work" has to do with the quiet courage of women and is inspired by the women around me.

"Cowgirl Up", is inspired by Trish, my sister-in-law and sister of my heart. She's just that authentic and capable - always at your elbow when needed. Everyone should have such a badass cowgirl riding shotgun for them!

Cowgirl Up, 24 x 18 x 1", acrylic

"Manifesting Life" was inspired by my step daughter, Tricia, who recently gave birth to twin boys and makes motherhood look so easy. I wanted to convey the sense of wonder in the creation of new little people. 
"Manifesting Life", 24 x 18 x 1", acrylic

Finally, "Take Me Away" was created for my sister, Michelle, who lives a hectic life and has been wishing to find her way to a consistent mindfulness and self-care routine. I hope this ethereal triptych will help her along that path.

"Take Me Away", 20 x 16"/  24 x 18"/  20 x 16", mixed media

I look forward to seeing what will tap me on the shoulder next!

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Now Showing: Flambe'ed Pears

 Flambe'ed Pears, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas is 40 x 30 x 1.5" and is currently showing at Portland on the Park Luxury Condominiums in Phoenix, Arizona through August 2021

My medium is acrylic on canvas and my inspiration is the natural desert that borders my home in north Phoenix. In this piece, I explored the combination of a strong graphic composition with painterly use of rich acrylic color to build depth of tone and play of light on the intriguing shapes of cactus I find on my daily walks.

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Five Teachers and Their Students

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery in Las Vegas has opened a show for the month of May that features the work of five teachers and their students.
My work is included under the artist Cheryl Magellen, who I've studied with for several years. Though I started working with her in Arizona, she has moved to Las Vegas and I continue to work with her in her online classes.

My work included in the show included:
Life Decisions, 14 x 11", mixed media

Prickly in Pink, 14 x 11", mixed media

Poetry Play Date, 16 x 12", mixed media

Dancing on the Patio, 14 x 11", mixed media

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Affirmations from Dad

I have a tendency to hold onto things. After my Dad's death, I kept his rolodex with no real idea of why, except that it contained those little cards with his big loopy handwriting - "Julie's new mobile #", and "Shels new address:" 

Recently I came across an instagram post from a fellow artist on instagram, jjlassberg that showed her rolodex filled with affirmations. It hit me instantly that that was exactly the proper use of my Dads old rolodex. Not only could I keep his handwriting, I could fill the blank cards with artist affirmations, quotes, positive thoughts - kind of from Dad, to me! To me, it makes such a perfect circle - a synchronocity of the highest level. Dad continues to encourage me. 

Thanks Dad. I miss you.

P.S.: I've found that playing cards make the best substrates for my little rolodex art cards. They're sturdy and can hold up to no end of collage and paint!

Here's a short little video that shows some of my favorite creative affirmations:

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Now Showing: Sweet Spot


Now Showing at Portland on the Park through April 2021

Sweet Spot

40 x 30", acrylic on canvas, October 2020
Starting with typeography, (the letters in my husbands name), and exploring shapes, color, harmony and balance. This mid-century modern style reminds me of the art that surrounded me in my 1960's youth.
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I Started Journaling Today


I started journaling today. I didn’t commit to a resolution or institute rules. Being a rebel, I tend to see how quickly I can break those rules, tell the world to leave me be and ultimately disappoint myself with my own misbehavior. But today I started journaling and here’s why:

Two weeks ago, for at least the 10th time, I started morning artists page journaling as recommended by the author of The Artists Way, Julia Cameron. Although I only managed to do them three days in a row, I’d easily filled page after page with free-flowing ideas for projects. I didn’t think much of them at the time, but I remembered one of those ideas yesterday and I looked back my artist pages to find any detail I’d written surrounding it.

The sheer volume of ideas, full of interesting detail astounded me. An important insight deepened the way I saw my role as an artist. I’d just left all that on the page and moved on, not thinking any more of most of them. It made me wonder how often I have wonderful ideas, only to forget them soon after.

So today, in the interest of paying attention, being respectful to my creative muse, and involving myself in more personal creative development, I started journaling.

If you started journaling, what might you learn about yourself, your source of creativity, your role in the world? What ideas might you capture that will move you forward?

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